About Us

Hugs and Cuddles is a Final Fantasy XI linkshell. Originally from Pandemonium, we are now located on the Asura server due to the server merge. Structurally, HnC is a social shell predominately made up of high level, long-term FFXI players. We do not have formal leadership, attendance, bank, point chart, etc. If we have the interest and capability to attempt something, we go for it. Simple as that.


Hugs and Cuddles membership is by invitation only. Practically speaking, this amounts to knowing someone already in the shell and expressing interest in getting a pearl.


Current or past activities include Assault/Nyzul, Salvage, Limbus/Omega, KS99, Sky farming and non-Kirin gods, CoP and nation mission statics, ZNM tier 1-4, Add-on scenario statics, XP statics, random popped NMs...
Not all events are LS-wide, as some are better suited to a smaller static group.


For additional information, consult our forum, located here.